Windows 7 - How to extract a zip file.

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this video we're going to take a look at

how to open and extract information from

a zip file I have a zip file right here

as you can see it has kind of a zipper

on it to indicate that it is a zip file

zip file simply you can store more

information than a regular file folder

like this one could all right now

opening them works a little bit

differently if I double click on just a

regular old file folder it'll have

whatever documents are in it listed

right here and I can just click on those

documents and open it if I double click

on this messy desktop simulation it's

going to have a lot of different items

in it okay and I can take these one at a

time and bring them out all that kind of

stuff but I don't want to do that I want

to extract the files which means

basically it's going to take whatever's

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