Zip and Unzip files in Windows 8/8.1

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hello there as for you I'm gonna show

you how to zip and unzip file simply

inside the windows now you might be

aware that there are also some

third-party applications that can do

this job but here I'm gonna show you a

simple procedure how you can do it in

Windows so here I've got some files you

can see and here is a compressed zipped

folder named X Y Z let's just see what

this folder is whenever you double click

the folder it shows you the files in

this folder but you cannot just access

these files very well without unzipping

or extracting this folder so what we're

gonna do is we're gonna right click this

folder we're gonna click extract all

it's gonna show you that the destination

and extract files are gonna be placed in

the same folder as this zipped folder is

in so we'll just say extract and after

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