How to Open ZIP/RAR/7Z Files in Windows 10 without WinZip

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so welcome to this video if you've

stumbled upon here you're trying to open

up a zip file without having to use

WinZip or any other type of a zip file

opener so the first thing you're going

to have to do is download the zip file

that you're trying to open I've already

done that down here so once your file

downloads it should pop up down here and

what you should do is click show in

folder now once you show this file and

folder you're going to locate your file

which is this one right here and you're

going to right click click open with

don't click the side just hover over it

and you're gonna have a list of options

here the one you want to find is Windows

Explorer click on this now once you

click on this you will see that your zip

file has been opened and whatever file

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