How to Open ZIP/RAR/7Z Files in Windows 10 // Easy & Free!

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hey everyone how's it going my name's

Adam repos box and welcome back to

another tutorial this is kind of a

Windows 10 tips tutorial but it also

applies to pretty much anything else

this tutorial is on how to open up zip

files RAR files dot 7z files etc and

this is specifically stemming from my

tutorial on how to emulate game boy

bands gamed someone's like okay well I

downloaded the ROM for example I

downloaded from mu paradise Pokemon

emerald and it's in a zip file instead

of a GBA file well a zip file is simply

an archive it is just basically a sealed

up version of the file to keep it from

corrupting to keep it from taking up as

much space as much space every now and

then zip files and seven zip files and

things like that can compare it's it's

considered file compression so it can

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