Tutorial 1 : Scraping data from website using Excel macro(vba)

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hi everyone I'm going to teach you how

to do data scraping from different

websites using Microsoft Excel so we

will be writing VBA or you can say my

Excel macros to extract data from

websites so to learn this concept first

understand that scraping is illegal so

you do it at your own so let's open VB

editor by Alt + f11 and then go to tools

references and here you need to find the

two most important libraries that we are

going to use for data scraping from

website so if you scroll down here and

go to Microsoft so first one is

Microsoft HTML object library and second

one is Microsoft Internet controls so in

all our tutorials we are going to use

these two libraries and various

functions of these left so once you

import the libraries we go to this area

and then insert a module so this is a

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