How to Extract RAR File in Windows 10?

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hi guys in this tutorial I'm gonna show

you how to extract dot re out file that

is rare file in Windows 10 ok so guys as

you can see that I have got you know

this file that is file dot AR AR

ok as you can see the extension is

showing over here but let me show you if

you don't know then you just need to

right-click on the you know file and

then click on properties and here you

can see the type of file that is rare

file dot re are okay so how we can

extract this so to extract this we need

one software from our air lab calm ok so

you need to go to this website called

www dot re our lab calm and I will place

this website link in the video

description you can check it out ok so

guys after that you just need to you

know click on this downloads link over

here and here you can see latest English

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