How to EXTRACT Your .7z File on a Mac Computer using Keka | New

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this is QuickTime technology and today

in this video I'm gonna be showing you

guys how to extract a file that is dot

7z so without further ado let us start

the video so the first thing you have to

do is know what fire you will be

extracting so if I go to finder go to my

downloads and I have an album called

untouchable dot 7z and it won't extract

until I download the software so

minimize finder go to your dog go to

Safari and I'll type into Google dot 7z

file Mac extractor and now we can go to

a website called Kakkar OSX comm so

click on this and we will download the

file with the zip the dmg and wait for

that to download so it's in the top

right hand corner once that is

downloaded we can minimize out of Safari

go to our finder and now here it is so I

can double click this now close out of

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