How to: Get Your First Dunk (How to Dunk a Basketball - ESSENTIAL Tips)

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hey it's Adam from think pro baseball

today's video we're going to go over how

to get your first done now let's take a

look at it


to work on getting your first stunt you

need to work on your jump technique this

is going to give you the fastest amount

of gains in the shortest period of time

possibly you need to get comfortable

jumping you need to get comfortable

dunking to do this we are not going to

use a basketball we are going to use a

tennis ball to dunk okay

what this is going to allow you to do is

a easily palm the tennis ball B is going

to give you more clearance obviously as

tennis balls a lot easier to dump than a

basketball and this is going to get you

in the feeling of dunking okay of

successfully dunking the tennis ball

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