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how to dunk in NBA 2k 23 if you're

trying to learn all the different kind

of dunks Bobby and I are here to walk

you through it six to eight maybe nine

different variations of dunking Bobby's

gonna show you how to do it yep so for

this one it's just going to give you you

know any dunk animation you just want to

run to rim hold turbo and then hold down

your square or x button this gives you

like random animations you don't really

control it since you are pressing X so

that's where if you want you know

determine what kind of dunge you do you

would use the stick holding turbo still

and up on the right stick what does this

one do so you want to hold turbo hold up

on the stick and it'll give you a

two-handed dunk so anytime you hold

turbo and hold up on your right stick it

will give you you know two hands every

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