How to Get English Dub On Crunchyroll | Watch English Dubbed Anime | 2021

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want to know how to get english top

shows on crunchyroll i'll teach you how

to do it today welcome back to daily

tutorials before starting you can

subscribe to our channel for more videos

and updates i am already logged in make

sure you are as well tap on this account

option on the bottom right scroll down

tap a need help avoid log out you are

under the help section now tap on the

search bar and insert here english tab

this will give you the article

suggestion the first one you can see do

you have search dubbed in english tap on

it scroll down you can see that the

majority of content has japanese voice

acting with english subtitles here are

some shows that we do have in english

tops for and these are all of the

english type shows so you can just tap

in one of them or get in there this is

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