How to Drop a Pin on Google Maps

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welcome to another gaging gadgets google

maps tutorial video in this video i'm

going to show you how to drop a pin in

google maps so if you're trying to

select or navigate to a specific

location on google maps in this tutorial

i'll show you how to easily do that and

then i'll even show you how to save

those locations so you can navigate to

them further or share them with your

friends things like that alright so the

first thing we need to do is simply find

the area on google maps where we want to

drop a pin once you find the area long

press that specific area on google maps

and you will see the red pin show up now

this will work on both iphone and

android the same way once you have the

red pin you have a couple different

options that will pop up at the bottom

where first we can either navigate or

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