How To Launch An Automatic Car The Fastest Way Possible

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just because you have an automatic card

does not mean that you can't have fun on

the road or at the drag strip well it's

not as difficult to launch as a manual

vehicle of course there are some tips

that you can use to get off the line as

quickly as possible the first step is to

activate sport mode I'm in an e 93 BMW

3-series so to do that you push the

lever while you're in drive over to the

left some cars it's a button others you

turn a dial some don't even have it so

if your car doesn't don't worry about

this step however for most vehicles it

heightens the throttle response and in

some it even tightens the suspension for

a better take away next and most

importantly you turn off the traction

control in most modern cars save for the

exotics turning off the traction control

is going to help you launch quicker to

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