Beginners Drag Racing Tips (Part 1): What You Need to Know Before You Go

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hey guys a spot more ele here with the

tuning school on today's tech Tuesday

we're gonna teach you how to drag race

so stick around


hey guys welcome back so today is part

one of a two-part series that we're

gonna run on drag racing so we got a lot

of tech support tickets here at the

tuning school some of them are related

to tuning of course and other times

people are asking general questions

about drag racing and so in order to

help everybody a little bit further

we've got some basic stuff on how to

drag race properly so number one we're

gonna educate you on what to do kind of

before and when you get there and number

two what to do so you don't screw up the

drag strip for everybody else alright so

let's get started number one anybody can

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