How to solve "drag to fill not working" or enable fill handle and cell drag & drop in excel

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Hello Everyone.

Welcome to excel 10 Tutorial.

In this quick tutorial i'm going to Solve a problem.


Now i'm going to solve if your auto-fill handle or drag to fill isn't working how you can

solve it.


[Music] Now take a look at here we have 1 and if i

want to drag this, there is no auto-fill handle here.


You can see that the cursor isn't changing.

And i want to drag and then the number should be auto-filled or if i write any formula here.

This one. and if i want to copy the formula to all the column here but i can't do that

because of the auto-fill handle isn't working.

Now there could be several issues because of this problem.

No. 1 if you are working with formulas and its not working there is a chance that you

have tolve it from here.

Click on formulas and click on Calculation Options and if its not automatic you gotta

make it automatic.

Sometime it is manual so then the auto-fill handle might not work so you'll have to select

it to automatic.

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