Illustrator Tutorial: Placing Images

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illustrator allows you to place objects

within your documents and it can support

a variety of file formats you can place

rasterized images like JPEGs and PNG s

and you can also do vector graphics like

other illustrator files and even PDFs

for this one I want to place these two

rasterized images this frog in this

tomato into my document to do this we'll

go into illustrator up to the file and

down to place this will bring up our

place dialog box this is where we can

find our files so there's my tomato and

if I scroll down there's my frog let's

do the frog first with frog selected I

can choose to either link it or not link

it or place it as a template I'm going

to keep those unchecked and simply hit

place and this will place a copy of my

image into whatever layer I had selected

once it's placed I can scale it rotate

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