Photoshop Tutorial: CC New Rectangle Corner Radius Options -HD-

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Today we are going to be exploring one of the smaller features in the release of Photoshop


Now this feature is the ability to better manage your corner radiuses of your shapes.

Now this feature is especially helpful for web designers and people that use the rectangular

shape tool on a regular basis.

Now in previous versions of Photoshop, you had to essentially guess what corner radius

you needed, and your corners were not retained in proportion when scaling the object.

Now thankfully all of these things have been fixed in Photoshop CC.

So go ahead and grab either of your rectangle tools, and then drag out a rectangle on your


Then, if your properties window doesn't automatically open up, you can go up to "Window" and then

down to "Properties."

Now this window is going to give you a bunch of options about your shape, including the

corner radius.

Now at the bottom of this panel you're going to see the options we are looking for.

To adjust the corner radius, simply drag on one the corner icons, and then this will change

the corners all at once.

You can also uncheck the chain icon to control a specific corner.

Once you're done with that, go ahead an feel free to scale your object and see that the

corners do not become misshapen as they previously did.

You can also go ahead and make a few copies of your shape by holding down alt and then

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