How to manually move columns in a pivot table in Excel video #excel #pivottable #columns

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hey everyone today i wanted to show you

tip in excel in rearranging or sorting

your columns in pivot tables if you've

ever created a pivot table and you've

had a situation where

you know your columns are supposed to be

in some sort of order but like this that

i have here i've manipulated some dummy

data here in order 2019 is not where it

should be it can be kind of frustrating

trying to figure out how do i get this

to go correctly so it's all

chronological and the data shows up

correctly here so this is a very very

simple fix there's a couple things you

can do you can right right click on your

column headers there and you can go to

sort and you can sort a to z and it

should adjust

correctly but let's say you're doing

that this still isn't working there's

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