How To Download Music From Soundcloud

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download music from SoundCloud first things first

in the digital world all songs are basically on files now computer files

and that's most of the time on Spotify and Apple music YouTube music google

play amazon music wow there's a lot now basically hardly any artists even print

CDs anymore like do you even buy CDs anymore when it comes to how to download

music on soundcloud an artist has to choose on soundcloud whether to make

their tracks downloadable or not download and I'm gonna go through both

of those ways when a track is not downloadable well you just can't

download it however there are these third-party sites where you can go and

put in the soundcloud URL link in the site and that will go and scrape and

download the song for you I do not recommend doing this because this is

going against the terms of the artist first saying on soundcloud that the

track is not downloadable so you should not go against their will and then

download the track and then share it and listen to it without paying for it

because that's not right for the artists because they made that song in the first

place for example as an artist I do not have my tracks on SoundCloud as

downloadable because I'm not going to give them away for free I put a lot of

hard time and work into something it's not like you make a movie and then you

go to the movie theater and it's just free it's kind of the same thinking so

that's why some people don't have their tracks as downloadable on soundcloud and

so if you come across those tracks that you want to download but they're not

downloadable you should respect the fact that they're not downloadable and just

go to spotify pay for the track it's $0.99 but at scale that means a lot for

the artist on the other hand there are a

significant amount of tracks on Soundcloud that are downloadable and I'm

going to explain how to download music from SoundCloud in that regard I was

just talking about how if people give their music away for free they're not

making any money so why would someone want to have their track as downloadable

on the Internet well it's a subjective decision to do so

and to make your track downloadable but there are also a few objective reasons

as well one being if you are a new artist if you're just learning about

production maybe you have a laptop and you're trying to make an EDM hit or a

dance hit and you're playing around with some sounds and you upload a demo you're

not gonna care too much if you make any money from it because maybe it didn't

take you that much time or you prefer to grow a fanbase quicker because more

people are looking for free music to listen to it because you can grow a

fanbase quickly if you have a free product so on soundcloud here's what it

looks like here's my profile charles clean I have my tracks in this section a

good thing to note is tracks are only the options for download you cannot

download playlists and you cannot download albums so for example this

track that I have called believe you cannot see here anywhere that you can

download this track if it was downloadable it would be in this more

section under this list for example if we go to this artist chef Valero do

minimal techno free download also in the title it ought it just says free

download so right there you know you can go download it here we go to the track

section we are on the track under the more box you can see here we go download

file you can click this and it can download directly and here we go we have

seven four five minutes left of downloading and we will have the track

downloaded on our computer ready to go we can carry it with us honor

you know iPod whatever do people even use iPods anymore so there you have it

that's how to download music from SoundCloud one thing to consider as well

when you go to SoundCloud and you are just searching for free downloads which

you can do in a search bar here there are a lot of tracks that say that

they're free download for example this area on a touch

remix you'll notice the download option is not available in the list however

they do have a link here that goes to another site this can be good but also

this can be bad sometimes when you go to these off third-party sites they're

going to ask for an email that might ask for your acceptance on a Terms of

Service and you never really know what you're gonna get into so if you're going

to go off a soundcloud that's at your own risk

to what you're downloading that's up to you that's how to download music from

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