How To Get FREE Music to your Apple Music Library

hey there everyone so I want to show you

another method so that you can download

free music from your iPhone to your

iPhone Apple music so you don't have to

use your data every time you want to use

the music this is a method so you can

have the music saved on your iPhone so

you can listen to it offline alright and

it's completely free it just takes a

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video alright so I want to show you how

you can get music into your Apple music

library so you can listen to it offline

and not have to you know use your data

every time you want to listen to music

alright so it's just a couple of steps

you're gonna need a few things so you're

gonna need to download this app called

documents alright so you're gonna go

into your app store and then you're

gonna type in documents up here and this

is the app right here it's called

documents by Riedl once it's downloaded

open up the app so once you first open

up the app it's gonna look like this

okay it's gonna just show you all your

files that's gonna have a couple of

different selections down here so you're

gonna select the Safari Safari icon

right here and slide it to the left so

it's gonna open up a safari browser in

the app okay so here what you're gonna

do is you're gonna select the search bar

up here okay and you're gonna type in a

link that I'm gonna have in the

description down below okay there's

gonna be a link down there but the

address is right here if you don't have

to look down there it's www three plus

premiers dot US so go there and it's

gonna be this site right here it's

called premiers so here you have a very

nice selection of music to choose from

you have almost every song available and

popular songs that are out right now so

you can if you want to search for a

specific song or artist just select

right here tap on the search bar and you

can search for the song name or artist

name and then hit go yeah I'm gonna

select this song right here just for the

purpose of this okay so always try and

select the download link that says

debris okay so here it's download link 1

so I'm gonna select download link 1 and

it's gonna show you this file right here

ok and then you're here all you have to

do is hit download download here it's

gonna ask you if you want to rename the

file so I want to keep that name and

here where it says save to you're gonna

select iTunes files so make sure you

select items files and then hit done ok

and then after a few seconds it will

complete the download ok once you want

to check your downloads once it's done

go ahead and select this the bottom

arrow down here there you go it's been

done so I'm gonna select it and here you


there's the song it's the top one and

select it ok so here I'm back at My

Documents main page here so we're gonna

go into iTunes files if you want to

select the song so the song is right

here let's see ok and looks like that's

actually the whole album that it

downloaded so it downloaded the whole

album not just one song and if you want

to play any of the songs you could just

select it and it will play it so another

good thing about this is that you don't

necessarily have to transfer this music

to your Apple music library you can just

keep it here in your Documents so you

can just keep it here open up your


go to iTunes files and here will be all

the music that you download let's go

ahead and turn that off setting the data

off so that we can test it as you can

see no more data let's go back to

documents and let's try and play as you

can see the song is playing fine select


there you go see that's another song

that I downloaded so like I said you can

play the music straight from here from

the documents app but if you want to get

it to your Apple music library well I'm

gonna show you how to do that now so to

transfer it from here from the documents

to the Apple music once you have it

downloaded here so what we're gonna need

is just to connect your phone with the

lightning cable to the computer so let's

do that now so go ahead and connect one

end of the cable to the iPhone and the

other to the computer go ahead and open

up iTunes once the phone is connected go

over to the phone select the device go

to file-sharing and then here you're

gonna select the documents app go ahead

and select these songs that you want to

transfer over and save them to somewhere

on your computer I'm going to save it to

the desktop for the purpose of the video

there we go as you can see they are

saved on the desktop so now we're going

to go back on the iTunes to the library

music library on items and we're gonna

drag the files into the iTunes and as

you can see here they are we're going to

go back to the phone as you can see

there is no music right now currently in

the library of the phone so we're gonna

sink we're gonna select the sink music

here select apply so we're gonna sink

the itunes library to the iphone music

library so after it's done all of the

songs in your library here on the items

will be on your phone as well in the

Apple music app so then you can go here

back to your Apple music and as you can

see all of these songs are here now so

now they're in Documents iTunes files

but you also have it here in your Apple

music so that you can listen to them


I'm not even connected to data remember

and we can play any song we want

all right everyone so hope that was a

helpful video on how to get free music

from your iPhone to your Apple music app

on your iPhone to listen to offline

alright everyone so that's it for now

and I'll see you around in the next

video peace