How to Download Spotify Music on iPhone 2020


hey guys on today's video i'm going to

show you how to download music from

spotify so let's open up our spotify app

and get started

so in order to download music from

spotify first of all let's just look for


so let's go into search and look for a

dance monkey for example

open that up obviously i'm not gonna

play it

and what i have to do in order to

download this you're gonna see on the

right hand side

these three lines in the bottom right

hand side just tap on those

and from there you're gonna see three

dots on the top right hand side

just tap on those and then you're gonna

get this list so we can just add this

that's a third option let's just add it

our third option

and that's being added so right now it's


so let's say you guys want to download a

bunch of songs at the same time not just

one at a time right

so let's just get out of this that's

downloading let's just leave it

downloads really fast by the way

and we're just gonna go back to home

we're gonna go into

swing dance party for example let's say

we want to download

all of this on the top

left hand side you guys will see that

heart beside the heart

there's that arrow pointing down that

means download so we're going to tap

right there

and here we go it's downloading so right


we can actually listen to all of this


now let's say you change your mind you

want to take this off

well just tap on that arrow again and

it's going to say

remove from downloads and we can go

ahead and remove so right now i'm going

to click on cancel because i want to

show you that this does in fact work

so we're gonna go ahead we're gonna go

back we're gonna go into our home

and at the top right hand side corner we

are gonna see a gear icon

so tap on that gear icon from here you

guys can see your profile and so on

let's go into our third option where it

says playback

so check that out and then your first

option will say offline

so at this point i'm assuming all the

songs yeah they should have downloaded

right now

so i'm gonna go ahead and turn this on

okay so at this point if i want to play

anything it's not

gonna be because it has to be downloaded


so let me just go back into home and

test that out

so let's say i want to play this

well i'm offline so i can't i can't even

access this

again we can just go ahead and turn off


so i'm going to go into airplane mode

that's going to turn off

everything so even my wi-fi and

everything you know what let's just turn

off my bluetooth

why not so at this point let's just go

back into spotify

it's going to tell me this that's fine

we're not going to turn on anything


that's the point of this video to show

you how this works and i'm going gonna

go to swing

no actually before i go to swing dance

i'm gonna show you

other things so salsa i'm gonna try and

play this

you're gonna see this so since i'm

offline and this has not been downloaded

i can't

play it i have to go online however this

is not what i downloaded what i

downloaded was

this so i play this right here

it's just gonna play okay i'm gonna

pause it and i can play any of these


since they have in fact been downloaded


so i'm not going to get that message

saying you can't

because it hasn't been downloaded so

make sure you download it like this

so again if i go into sales donation for

example it's going to tell me this

because it hasn't been downloaded now if

i want to download any of these then yes

you do have to go online so we're going

to exactly do that again

so we're going to take this off turn on

bluetooth whatever

and from here i'm going to go into my

gear icon

playback and i'm going to go online

again so i can do everything

now i want to show you a little bit more

about downloads so if you scroll down

you're gonna see storage

storage is my fourth last option down

here below

and from here i'm gonna see this stuff

it's good to delete the cache

sometimes if you're running out of space

however what i really want to show you

is music quality

music quality now streaming we can go


that's fine but this video is really all

about downloading

so if you scroll down just a little bit

you're going to see your download you

can download this

at really high very high and you can

even download using your cellular

so you don't have to always download

using wi-fi so you can turn this on

now i can download any music that i want

using my data plan

and not just over wi-fi i can only turn

this on

really really high in order to get the

best sound

possible for most of you it's just going

to be normal

that's the recommended or if you guys

don't want to waste too much data

or wi-fi just go low and that's fine by

the way

low sounds just okay anyways just wanted

to show you those options that are very

important just going to go back

i'm going to go back again and that's

how you guys can download anything

so right now i am back into my list

i'm gonna go back into salsa for example

i couldn't play this before right

so i'm gonna tap on top left hand side

it's gonna download everything from here

i'm gonna be able

to listen to this offline now how do you

know this is actually working

well you guys may notice on the top left

hand side

that circle is spinning and spinning

that means it's downloading

once it's done then it's going to stop

spinning now there's a lot of songs here

and that's why it's still spinning you

may notice

one of them one by one you see that

arrow turning green

that means it's been downloaded so i'm

going to keep going down so you guys can

see that this

automatically is downloading every

single one of these

and that's also how you can check if

this is actually working

anyways that would be it for this video

if you guys have any comments questions

you guys can write down here in comments


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