Download a YouTube Playlist WITHOUT an App [2020 Guide!]

downloading youtube videos has

never been easy and it seems like

youtube is unwilling to give up the

fight anytime

soon we've seen more youtube downloading

sites fall

in 2020 than in any year in the past and

that includes some of our favorites like

which now no longer allows you to save

youtube videos

for offline viewing or editing fear not


the internet presses on as always and if

you're trying to download a youtube


or more specifically a youtube video


you've come to the right guide you won't

need an app for this either

so grab your phone or computer open up

your browser and let's get started

although it's far from flawless there's

one youtube downloading site that seems

to stay up through thick

and thin although it does go

offline from time to time and it

features a decent amount of ads

it gets the job done making it easy to

download videos from youtube in just a

few clicks

we'll be demoing y2 mates download

abilities on a desktop browser

since it's a lot easier to manage

downloads on a pc than on android or ios

but it should work fine in mobile

browsers as well

head to then select youtube

downloader at the top of the page

if you haven't already make sure you've

copied the url for your playlist

if it's a personal playlist it has to be

public for y2mate to download it to your


paste your playlist url in the field

provided then hit start

y2mate doesn't allow you to auto

download every video in a playlist

but it does generate a page that allows

you to view and download every single

video in just a few clicks

there's no app required and you don't

even have to use the youtube app to copy

and paste a url

it's one of the simplest ways to

download a youtube playlist

and as long as y2mate stays active it

should stay that way

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