How to Load Music onto Apple Watch!

when watching us for release to the

public along with Apple watch Series 3

Apple removed the ability to browse an

iPhone's music library on your watch

while watching us 4.1 won't fully bring

back the capability it'll allow users to

view their iCloud music library

including Apple music songs iTunes store

purchases in songs match to the cloud

through the iTunes Match service users

will then be able to stream any song

from iCloud music library over a

tethered iPhone or Wi-Fi and if you have

an LTE connected Series 3 model it'll

even stream music directly to the device

without your phone or a Wi-Fi network

nearby watch iOS 4.1 will also include a

new radio app that will let you stream

any Apple music radio station over LTE

but it requires a subscription to album

music to listen to stations beyond beats

1 and it's available for a minimum of

$9.99 a month if you have an LTE

connected Series 3 model streaming over

LTE will greatly reduce battery life and

if you have an on LTE series 3 model or

any other Apple watch version there is

no streaming at all so you'll still want

to store as many songs as you possibly

can directly on your Apple watch

especially if you run or bike outdoors

or want to leave your phone behind when

you go to the gym here's how to load

music and playlists to your Apple watch

with watch OS 4 in iOS 11 to make things

more organized I decided to create a

special playlist specifically for my

Apple watch in watch OS 3 Apple gave

users a choice of up to two gigabytes of

music or 250 total songs this option has

disappeared with watch OS 4 and it's

unclear how the system decides how much

music is allowed to be synced to the

watch though the Apple watch Series 3

with LTE does have double the storage of

any other Apple watch model so it should

hold more now heading to the watch app

scroll down and tap into music here

you'll see a heavy rotation option this

feature automatically loads music that

you listen to often now we can tap add


we're met with a bunch of ways to search

and add music but we'll go ahead and add

our Apple watch playlist now what may

seem like we're finished but we actually

have to place the Apple watch on its

charger to sync and load the music

directly on the watch

once the process

plea you're all done and free to ditch

your iPhone at home and play music

directly from your Apple watch

all without LTE connectivity now when

you do have your phone nearby but don't

want to pull it out to search through

and play music you can use your Apple

watch to ask Siri to play music from

your phone regardless of whether it's in

your Apple music library or not you can

then instantly add any song to your

library and later load it onto your

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