Export Apple Notes: How To (2018)

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if you've ever tried to get a backup or

an archived copy of your Apple Notes

Apple really hasn't made it that easy

technically the only way that you can do

it is opening up the Notes app you need

to file and then export as PDF now the

problem with this is you have to do each

one individually and if you like myself

have thousands of notes probably not a

good idea and you'll be doing it I mean

for days it just it takes forever and I

mean there's automations and you can set

up for this but then you have to get it

to working with Automator and Automator

you know sometimes isn't too friendly

with this kind of thing and I've seen

the process I've had it work but it's

just not reliable now Apple has recently

added some initiatives where they want

to be more transparent about user data

and what they have and what they're

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