Cranial Nerve Examination Nursing | Cranial Nerve Assessment I-XII (1-12)

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this is cereth registered nurse orion

calm and in this video i'm going to be

going over a nursing assessment of the

cranial nerves cranial nerves one

through twelve and if you would like to

watch a complete head-to-toe nursing

assessment you can access this card up

here in the corner or in the youtube

description below to watch that video so

the first thing what you want to do is

you want to provide privacy to the

patient perform hand hygiene and explain

what you will be doing so let's get

started we're going to test the

olfactory cranial nerve one the sense of


so Ben what I'm gonna have you do is I'm

gonna have you close your eyes and I'm

gonna put something in front of your

nose and have you breathe in and smell

and you tell me what you smell and

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