How to Prepare for Your First Therapy Session

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so if you've never done therapy before

you're probably anxious about your first

session in fact I've almost never had a

client come in and not express feeling

some amount of anxiety but also within

the first few minutes or at least by the

end of the session feeling a lot better

like I just feel more comfortable now

that we got started and really glad that

they came so I encourage you not to let

anxiety stop you although it also makes

sense that we'd be a little anxious you

know maybe it's vulnerable in a way

we're not used to to share thoughts with

a stranger or we think that therapy

means that we have some issue or problem

but actually therapy doesn't mean that

you're crazy or broken or have some big

issue anybody can benefit from therapy

now the therapists job is to also help

you figure out what your goal will be

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