Where to Find HM08 Dive - Pokémon Emerald

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hello everybody it's techno here today

I'm going to show you how to get HMO

weight dive in Pokemon emeralds you can

start off by visiting Moss deep City and

if you beat the game you already have

this hm but it does require you to get

this to beat the game so there's a

couple prerequisites it's the first of

which is that you need to have seven

badges go ahead and check your trainer

card to see if you have seven if you do

then you're good to go for the next step

from the Pokemon Center here you can go

downwards towards uh the lower right

hand corner of the city and you'll find

Team Magma over here plotting something

and if you follow them to the most deep

cities Space Center you'll find out that

they're up to no good here and you can

challenge uh magma leader Maxi and magma

admin Tabitha along with Steven

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