How to Diffuse Essential Oils 🌱(And Why You'd Want To)

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see this miss coming out of my diffuser

more importantly can you smell it

heavenly what I'm doing is diffusing

essential oils and in this video I'm

going to show you how to do and why you

want to do you ever walked into a room

and it just wreaked of artificial

fragrance maybe they have plugins in

their house or they just sprayed some

air freshener well just recently Michael

and I stayed at a place that had those

plugins and after a couple of nights our

lungs literally started to hurt that

stuff is nasty okay it's there loaded

with chemicals they can even be

carcinogens so you just want to stay

away from plugins incense cheap candles

air fresheners no no no but having said

that it is nice to smell good right or

to walk into the room and not have it

smell like trash or diaper pail and

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