Here's The Easiest Way To Chop Cilantro

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hey guys if you've ever spent time

pulling the individual leaves off of

cilantro like that then this video is

for you I used to do that all the time

too but then I spent some time down in

Mexico and just got in the habit of

using the stems and it's it'll make your

life much much simpler so let's say

you're starting with this this is about

15 sprigs of cilantro and the easiest

thing to do is to twist off the bottom

portion of these stems the thicker

portion of the stems and just discard

those and use everything that holds the

leaves up here something like these are

a little bit larger so I'm going to go

all the way up to around here something

like that just like that and you can get

rid of these and then to chop it up if

you have a huge bunch you can actually

kind of roll it together and then dice

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