Starting Your First Steroid Cycle (Or Thinking About It) | Ben Pakulski

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what if let's say and I'm sure this is

probably one of those questions you hate

to hear because it's almost impossible

to answer but I'm gonna ask it anyway

average guy working out you know has

been training for three years he goes on

a modest cycle of anabolic steroids how

much muscle with a game what do you


what's a modest cycle so as I said what

everyone should do if they think about

doing it is one can sell your doctrine

series ranges nationally and then

augment because you'll get a lot better

results if then you think just by

augmenting me at the high end of natural

risk so raise your natural testosterone

here's the thing man everyone thinks

bodybuilding is a drug based culture and

unfortunately the reality is it's become

that but it should be a training based

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