10 Things To Know Before Coming To Qatar - All About Life In Qatar / Doha !

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Are you thinking about Qatar and want to know what to expect or how to prepare?

Then watch this video to the end because i've packed it full of 10 things you have to

know before coming to Qatar.

And we're gonna start right now!

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The total population of Qatar is 2.9 million.

Out of those only about 10% are locals.

So don't be too surprised if you're not going to see any locals on the streets when you go out.


Qatar is known to be a really safe place to live. I once personally forgot my wallet in a restaurant,

and the people in the restaurant just called me up a few hours later,

Asking me if I was going to pick it up again.

And then I got it back without anything missing, so that was super!


And that brings me to the money aspect. The currency in Qatar is the Qatari Riyal.

Which is on a fixed exchange rate with the US Dollar, of 3.64.

And that means that one Qatari riyal is worth about 0,27 USD or 0,25 Euro.


The climate in Qatar is interesting.

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