A Life Well Built

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good morning I'm honored and privileged

to be here at Denton Bible Church your

pastor and I switched and so he is

speaking right now at our church he

called me and he wanted to do this

switch in February because it's African

American History Month and he wanted

some soul so he is there he told me come

over here so I could get some country so

so that's how it's working out I'm

honored to be here it's a privilege to

be here actually his invitation was a

lot shorter than that he called me and

asked me if I believe in free speech I

said yes he said come give one so that's

really one well I'm here

yeah we have student ministries here

where's where I'm student ministries all

right hey good to see you over there I

am so honored to be here I love you

pastor and have followed him closely

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