Being a Renaissance Person in the 21st Century | Randy LaFoy | TEDxMahtomedi

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all right what do you think of when you

think of a Renaissance man

probably someone who's very good a lot

of things and interested in many other

things and probably someone who's been

dead for a long time some like Ben

Franklin Leonardo da Vinci well let me

disabuse you of a notion to be a

Renaissance person you have to be dead

for 400 years or to be a man in fact you

could be a renaissance person and I

would highly recommend that you do so

not only a renaissance people cool you

would find that contrary that you I

think becoming a renaissance person is

actually quite energizing the problem is

right now society doesn't really seem to

value being Renaissance think about it

this earliest middle school parents are

having their children focus on one sport

or working into one academic discipline

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