How Cheats Work in Red Dead Redemption 2

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Rockstar is one of the few big

developers left to include honest-to-god

cheats in their games and Red Dead

Redemption 2 is no exception

following the lead of the original

cheats and Red Dead 2 or code phrases

that you enter in the pause menu head

down to the settings tab then press

triangle or Y to access the cheats menu

and triangular Y again to enter a cheat

code once you enter a code you'll see a

message confirming that you've unlocked

the cheat so long as you save your game

you won't have to enter it again you'll

want to do this before activating any

cheats though turning on a cheat no

matter how inconsequential it may seem

will prevent you from saving your

progress and earning trophies or

achievements from that point on you may

ask yourself where can I find all these

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