8 TIPS TO GET RID OF FACE BLOATING 😍 Dermatologist @DrDrayzday

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well hey guys in this video we're gonna

be going over eight ways to de-bloat

your face sometimes you wake up and you

just look puffy swollen maybe you've got

prominent bags under the eyes how do you

de-bloat your face quickly i'm gonna

give you eight ways to address facial

bloating there are a lot of reasons why

your face may be bloated maybe you over

indulge in salty processed sugary foods

or you drank too much alcohol of course

as with anything we can always blame

good old hormones on everything we hate

about our lives including facial

bloating certain times in the menstrual

cycle you're more likely to retain fluid

and that can show up in your face

especially under the eyes where the skin

is much more delicate of course the

stress hormone cortisol which i mean who

doesn't have stress can contribute to

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