How to Grow Long Thick Eyelashes QUICKLY! - Dr. Berg

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today we're going to talk about

eyelashes and really important

nutritional factors in relationship to

helping you grow your eyelashes or make

them thicker or longer now per eyelid

you have about 1 to 200

hair follicles and the hairs that grow

out of your eyelids go through um two

different phases one is a growth phase

and a rest phase and when people start

either losing their eyelashes or

they become small and very thin there's

a problem with one of these two phases

and there's a lot of different technical

names for these conditions that describe

them but that doesn't really tell you

what's really behind this problem i mean

if we just take a look at the basics we

have the eyelash what is an eyelash well

it's protein

what makes up protein amino acids

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