Bed of Chaos Easy Guide - Limited Cheese (Dark Souls Remastered)

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what's up everyone Nick Raptor here

teaching you the easiest way to kill the

benefit as boss in Dark Souls remastered

there's also a huge mean at the end

you're not gonna want to miss it


all right if you've made it this far in

the game congratulations you have

arrived at the most annoying boss in all

of Dark Souls history but it's okay

we're gonna make it easy in this video

okay go on the right side first it

actually doesn't matter but the right

side it sounds good we're all do the

branches try try not to get hit I mean

you shouldn't get hit his first face

okay if you get hit on this first phase

you might just want alt f4 or whatever

you do on console I don't know anyway

phase one done you're 33 percent of the

way there you've achieved this amazing

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