Cube Root on the TI-83plus and TI-84 family of Calculators

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in this video we're going to take a look

at calculating the cube root of a number

using the ti-83 plus and the ti-84

families of calculators

most graphing calculators are fairly

close to the same and so if you follow

this you'll probably pick up if you use

a scientific you usually have to put the

number the radicand in first and then

press the the appropriate button but

here we go to access the cube root

function what we need to do is we need

to go into the math menu so we're going

to press the math button and you'll see

option 4 contains the cube root of and

so we can eat either press 4 or we can

scroll down and press ENTER and that's

going to activate the cube root you'll

see the little 3 out in front after that

we simply put in our radicand which is

this number right here

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