TI BA II Plus Cube Root

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in this video I'm going to show you how

to find a cube root on your Texas

Instruments calculator and this is

something that confuses a lot of people

so you should know from basic

mathematics that there's an equivalence

between roots and powers so the cube

root is the same as the power of 1/3

where basically this number goes on the

bottom and then the power of X goes on

the top so this is squared you'd have a

2 at the top but since power 1 you have

a 1 so there's an equivalence between

that so instead of try to find the cube

root button we just put in a power of

1/3 so we'll do a simple example which

is a cube root of 27 which is 3 so to do

this we do 27 and press equals that puts

into the memory then go Y to the X which

is this button then press 3 and then 1

over X so 1 over X is here and then

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