TI-84 Plus CE: How to Find the Cube Root

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hello everyone this is just going to be

a quick tutorial on how to calculate

cube roots on the ti-84 plus ze or any

other ti-84 so starting from the home

screen all you have to do is press math

and then scroll down to the fourth

option to select the cube root and you

can now find the cube root of any number

so for example the cube root of 8 is 2

and as you can see here there is another

option that has the root of x so for

this you can find the root the N through

of any number so if you want to find the

5th root of 250 we can see that is three

point zero one seven so I hope you found

that video helpful if you did don't

forget to hit the like button and I will

see you in the next video

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