How to Play Overwatch 2 BETTER on CONSOLE

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hey guys it's bro you whack and being

that OverWatch 2 is now free to play

that means that there's a whole bunch of

brand new players playing this game for

the very first time and that also

includes console players something that

a lot of people forget makes up a huge

portion of the OverWatch Community now

with that being said there's not a lot

of videos online catered to the console

community on how to get better at this

game which is why I want to make a video

talk about some of the best settings

that you can play with with specific

Heroes that can help you get better at

the game see the biggest problem that

you have when playing with controller

versus a keyboard and mouse is that

you're limited with the amount of

buttons and options that you have at

your disposal on your piece of Hardware

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