How to Learn Spanish Verb Conjugation Fast

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hey que la que mi gente rocky here from

speak Spanish faster calm en el vídeo de

hoy yo te voy a dar una actividad que

puedas ultinice our Parra Ugarte con la

con who gasps young de los verbos in

espanol in today's video I'm going to be

giving you an activity and exercise that

you can use to help you with conjugating

Spanish verbs now we all know that it is

important to learn how to conjugate

Spanish verbs and even though I teach

students that hey when you're getting

started don't worry so much about the

conjugations just worry about getting a

lot of input worried about learning

words different vocabulary words and

then the conjugation will come but

eventually you will have to learn how to

properly conjugate you know verbs in

Spanish if you want to master the

Spanish language if you want to speak

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