Comparatives and Superlatives in Spanish | The Language Tutor *Lesson 123*

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we're going to talk about comparatives

and superlatives and so you might be


what do you mean by comparatives and

superlatives comparatives is you know

when we're comparing two things

uh she is as tall as me or boy we are

just as smart as them which you probably

are i'm sure

but that's how we're comparing people

and superlatives we're talking about the

best the worst the most the least things

like that

superlatives all right that's what we're

covering on this lesson so i hope you

have your uh cuaderno and your pluma or

your boligrafal your lapis ready to go

ready to mara puntas take some notes

here we go we're going to start with

comparatives now comparatives again

we're comparing two different things i

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