Mastering the Imperfect Tense in Spanish | The Language Tutor *Lesson 50*

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whatever Inglis bienvenido hi friends

welcome back to another great episode of

the language tutor Spanish series I'm

your profesor de español Danny Evans and

I'm so glad you're here with me on this

lesson and I'm excited about today's

lesson now I'll tell you why

you know we this is lesson 50 we've had

a lot of Spanish lessons so far here in

the language tutor and you know I've

heard a few comments they say hey Danny

you know you've been doing a lot of a

lot of little episodes on grammar and

you covered some grammar points when are

we gonna get some new tenses well the

answer is right now on this lesson as a

matter of fact over the next several

lessons I'm going to be mixing some new

tenses along with a couple of other

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