Spanish Reflexive Verbs v1.0

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hola let's learn about los verbos or

reflexive o's in english reflexive verbs

when you see a pencil that means there's

a place to take notes on the handout a

reflexive verb tells what one does to

oneself almost like a mirror reflecting

the action back onto the subject let's

use levar to show you what I mean

the verb levar means to wash but if we

use the word love our say that's a

reflexive verb that means to wash

oneself funfact reflexive verbs work in

all the verb tenses past future present

but we are going to be working with them

in the present tense even as a beginning

Spanish learner you already use one of

these phrases when someone asked you for

your name you typically will answer me

llamo that's a reflexive verb because

while you might translate that phrase as

my name is remember we want to think in

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