How To Master IRREGULAR VERBS In Spanish!! (Spanish For Beginners)

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hey que la que I mis amigos rocky here

from speak Spanish faster calm en el

vídeo de hoy vamos al lado de como sorry

los variables irregularities in today's

video we are going to talk about how to

use irregular verbs in Spanish it's very

important to learn these verbs because

many of the most common Spanish verbs

are actually irregular don't worry I'll

be showing them to you today and I'll be

showing you exactly how to use some of

them I'll do my best to group them in

the categories so that way when you

learn how to use one you'll learn how to

use them all within that category well

I'm a big believer that you can't only

focus on conjugation to speak Spanish

fluently learning conjugation is

definitely a piece of the puzzle in fact

many of my students believe that the

lack of conjugation skills is the main

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