Irregular Verbs in Spanish | The Language Tutor *Lesson 21*

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hola amigos welcome back to the language

tutor have a great lesson for you today

you know friends we've been talking


ar verbs and er verbs and ir verbs and

we've been bringing in those verbs and

by the way you can look up any

a-r-e-r-i-r verb now and use it in

conversation by applying those endings

but you've heard me say it before in

every language you've got rule followers

and you've got rule breakers

you got troublemakers and so today we're

going to learn about a few troublemakers

okay some irregular forms that are very

common in spanish and they just have

some strange adjustments to them it's no

big deal though you can practice them

and it'll just start sounding natural to

you and you got them down with no

problem all right so get ready to write

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