How to flirt with a girl over Text. (With examples)

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[Music] Oh! Hey, in this video I'm going to be  sharing with you how to flirt over text and  

I'll be giving you some examples as well and this goes  for all the shy guys out there or maybe just guys  

looking to figure out if their game is really as  strong as they thought it was. I'll be right back.


Welcome back, my name is Jessica.

So in today's video, as I already said, I'd like to address this, because I realize there are lots of men out there 

who suck at the flirting game, to be honest. By the time they're done, they're either completely  

turning you off with their words, actions or  inactions, or basically they just have no  

game and so they walk away feeling defeated mostly. If that's you, and you know yourself, you don't  

need me to tell you. If that's you I'm talking  about then thank you so much for joining this  

particular video, I'm gonna make it worth  your while. How to flirt over text that's the  

conversation we're having right now. Number one, now  in my opinion, the first tip is to keep it short  

and sweet, very important, short and sweet. Now there are a lot of guys who just go out there and  

it's like okay, I've seen this girl, I'm  really feeling her, let me just go right ahead and  

tell her everything that's on my mind,  how she made me feel, how your heart was just  

out of your chest when you  saw her and that kind of thing, I mean  

that might actually be a cool thing to  do but alternatively don't forget that  

depending on how you do it it might come across  as imposing downright disruptive or maybe even  

unwelcome, depending on once again who you're  talking to and the circumstances surrounding  

where she currently is at. So if you  want to know how to flirt with a woman over text,  

my first tip is to keep it short and simple. Short and simple. There is an acronym that says 'KISS' (and  

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