Watch This If You're Struggling With Your Self-Worth

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- [Lily] Hey, Psych2Goers,

and welcome to another video.

Thank you all so much

for the love and support that you've given us,

enabling us to make yet another exploration

into everyday psychology.

So let's begin.

Loving yourself may sound simple,

but we all know how hard it is.

Sometimes it can be a roller coaster ride

between being happy with yourself

and wishing you could change.

There are so many things that affect your image of yourself

and some of them may not be good.

Things such as the media set false expectations and ideals.

It can be a long journey to accepting this,

but it's worth it.

We made this video to remind you

that you should never give up on loving yourself

because you deserve it, and you're worth it.

So here are 12 things that do not determine your self-worth.