The Compliment He's Dying To Hear (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

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today's lesson is based on something we

all kind of know inherently but I want

to make it more specific the old-school

role in human dynamics is people like

people who like them right if you show

that you like someone they're more

likely to like you maybe there is an

obvious to a lot of people Jameson I

think a lot of people don't act like

that's obvious it it's a fundamental

truth is that when we show that there's

something we like in someone else

they're more likely to like us the

reason I want to make this more specific

is I feel like it's something we don't

do nearly enough with each other is just

just be obvious be blatant about what we

like about someone else we often go away

thinking things and we then tell a third

person we go away from an interaction

and we go to a third person and we say I

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