Personal Trainer Communication Skills | Say These Things To Your Clients

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what's up guys this is jeff from sorta

healthy and today i'm bringing to all of

you a video that i probably should have

made a little while ago better late than

never though today we're talking about

communication skills that you should

have as a personal trainer i've covered

this topic indirectly in previous videos

but today i'll be diving into this topic

with more focus and detail to be

successful as a personal trainer you do

need to communicate effectively believe

it or not though you actually don't have

to be that good of a communicator i'm an

introvert i'm not an outgoing person who

always feels the need to be the center

of attention if you saw me in action in

a gym or fitness facility you would

never know that this is because over the

years i have acquired a very particular

set of skills

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