How to flirt over text with Examples

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what's up you guys welcome to the single

guy channel I'm Lloyd and today we're

gonna be talking about how to be fun and

flirty over text in this video we're

going to cover examples of how to turn a

boring average text conversation into

something that's fun flirty something

that the girl is gonna be a lot more

attracted to and a lot more likely to go

out on a date with you

alright so the first example that I'm

gonna give you something that might be

familiar to a lot of you now it's

unnecessarily like okay it's pretty bad

so we'll start out with it

okay so we're texting a girl named Maria

hi Maria okay so the first one is he

says good morning exclamation mark

she says morning exclamation mark so

sounds like she's receiving it pretty

well he says how are you today and she

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