How to Compliment a Girl - Without Being Creepy! (PRO TIP)

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i want to talk about ways that i like to

show intent as well one other way that i

like to do it is just i just like to

call it

the high value compliment okay so it's

me pointing out something about the girl

that i genuinely like that i'm attracted

to i just genuinely compliment the girl

there's a way to do this all right

because i think most guys think like oh

well if you're complimenting the girl

isn't that like putting her up on a


yes in a certain way it can be that's

pedestrianizing her that's complimenting

her from a position of you're below her

and she's just like amazing

right that's the guys that are like oh

my god like

you're so beautiful i'd love to take you

out sometime guys please take you out

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